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Israel Police


Country: Israel

  • Red Shield of David
  • Israeli Police
  • Bezeq
  • Israel Electric Corp
  • Military Police

Red Shield of David

  • Until a 2015
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 200 Vehicles
  • 2016
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 163 Vehicles
    Piaggio MP3 500 cc - 25 Vehicles
  • Mission: First aid and blood transport

Israel's national rescue organization for pre-hospitalization emergency medical services and blood services. The organization handles hundreds of thousands of life saving cases every year.


Israeli Police

  • Until a 2015
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 350 Vehicles
  • 2016
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 92 Vehicles
  • Mission: Traffic control

The Israeli Police keeps the public order and inland security in the State of Israel as part of Israel's security system.



  • Until a 2015
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 8 Vehicles
  • 2016
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 27 Vehicles
  • Mission: Telephony and internet support

Bezeq is the leading Israeli communication company providing telephone and Internet services.


Israel Electric Corp

  • Until a 2015
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 50 Vehicles
  • 2016
    Piaggio MP3 300 cc - 20 Vehicles
  • Mission: Meter reading

Israel Electric Corp. is a government and public company producing electricity for all sectors in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority. About 99.85% of the company's shares are held by the government. Its activity includes the production of electricity, conductance, transformation, distribution, supply and sale of electricity to customers.


Military Police

  • 2015
    Piaggio MP3 500 cc - 30 Vehicles
  • Mission: Military traffic control

The Military Police leads the law and order enforcement in the Israel Defense Forces, in collaboration with the commanders and adapted to the needs of the IDF in order to reinforce its moral strength and maintain the quality of life of those serving in it.