Piaggio Group awarded the Poste Italiane tender for the supply of 5,000 3-wheel scooters

Sep 23, 2020

The Piaggio Group has been awarded the tender put out in the EU by Poste Italiane S.p.A(PST.MI) for the supply of 5,000 three-wheel thermal scooters to be used in postal delivery services. The contract is worth an overall amount of more than 31 million euro. 


The vehicle in question is the new scooter, Piaggio 3W- Delivery 125cc Euro 5, designed and developed by the Piaggio Group specifically to meet the transportation and delivery requirements of corporate fleets and typical delivery needs. 


The Piaggio 3W- Delivery offers an outstanding load capacity of 95 kg thanks to the combination of front and rear carriers (25kg front and 70kg in the rear compartment). Additionally, the “high wheels” and double-wheel tilting rear system guarantee high stability and safety when driving. 


Poste Italiane recognised the scooter as the best solution for transportation of large volumes, while guaranteeing safety and manoeuvrability.  


Shipment of the fleet will be completed by mid-2021. 


The contract confirms the Piaggio Group as the leading European supplier of postal and professional delivery vehicles: the experience built up by Piaggio over the years has led it to win contracts for the supply of more than 53,000 scooters to the postal services in the main European countries 


Soon in the market will be available the 3W delivery