Best Case Senegal:
Flavors of Asia

  • Country: Senegal
  • Customer: Flavors of Asia
  • Untill 2020: N° 10 VESPA VXL 125
  • Mission: food delivery

Via our importer in Senegal (La Senegalaise), Piaggio supplies Vespa to Flavors of Asia.

Flavors of Asia is a fast food chain specializing in Asian cuisine. From 1995 when it was created in Bourguiba, the company has continued to grow and is now one of the benchmarks in the Dakar community. Today, the company has four points of sale (Bourguiba, Thann, Ngor, Center ville) as well as a production unit which allows it to meet the demands and quality requirements of its customers.

Personalisations are available on all the Piaggio Group models. 
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